Why I chose to self-publish my fantasy series

Several years ago my original typed out manuscript for an imaginative fantasy novel: ‘The Death Angels’ was sent off to every publisher of fantasy type books that I thought might be interested.  Unfortunately I did not find a publisher interested in taking on my novel and although whilst waiting for replies I had continued writing and made that fantasy novel into part of a series, I eventually resigned myself to the fact that my work would spend the rest of its days gathering dust in a corner and be forgotten about.

A few years ago I realized that it was possible to self-publish on Amazon through Createspace and so I started to self-publish my fantasy books through Createspace.  Createspace prints my books but I am the publisher.  Wonderful as it is to see my books in print… it doesn’t mean that they are any more visible than my original hopeful manuscript that I sent out to publishers.

Although my self-published books may be lost in a corner of the internet and probably not seen by many people, I would not change anything that I have done.  I am proud to say that I am an artist, poet and author who created her own style of imaginary fantasy art, poetry and writing.

Self-publishing allows me to publish my books in the way that I want them to be seen: with the cover designs that I want to represent my work and with the content exactly as I want it to be read.  Sometimes being true to yourself is the way to be.





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