Fool’s gold – Lesley Saine

Fool’s gold

On the edges of forever
Where the world seems but a dream
Hope springs eternal
Mirage shimmers, dazzles the senses
Hidden oasis of fate
Golden ripe luscious fruit
Hangs alluringly
Tempting, enticing
Reach out
Twist the stem
Cradle this golden treasure
Nestled in your palm
Lose yourself, drown
In its intoxicating beauty
Radiating out, entrapping

Colour slowly fades to grey
True colours show themselves
Cracks begin to show
Casing splits apart
Inside rotten to the core
Spilling out its contents
Putrid, mangled remains
A reality you can’t ignore
Fool’s gold
Is anything ever what it seems?
Another broken dream.

© 2015, Lesley Saine


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