A true artist’s desire – Lesley Saine

A true artist’s desire:

In a world where creativity is marketed
Where pristine examples are held up as pinnacles to attain
And anything lesser is frowned upon
A true artist’s desire is to break through these barriers

A true artist’s desire to create can spill out
Into a tangled jumble of creativity
Some of which may seem to make no sense at all
But all marks no matter how seemingly irrelevant
Hold some degree of relevance or importance

Create exclusively for yourself in your own way and style
Push against the surging tide against the critics
Follow your own convictions break from the norm
Someone somewhere may one day see share value your vision
Stay true to yourself your vision has value
Even though it may become lost when hidden beneath
The avalanche of the multitude of other visions

You may ask what if no one ever shares my vision?
It is still a win-win situation for you
For don’t you yourself hold the greatest treasure of all?
Treasure that is beyond price
Works that you created without compromise
Staying true to yourself
‘A true artist’s desire’
© 2015, Lesley Saine


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