‘A life worth living?’ – Lesley Saine (2015)

‘A life worth living?’

Creativity shrivels up and dies
Faced with bleak monotony of daily routine
A life worth living? Not really
Darkness somehow permeates seeps
Altering perception states of consciousness
Stealthily obliterating smashing destroying
Insidiously creeping
So hard to think
Who is really in control?
The mind is a wondrous thing
Can be a wondrous thing
Should be a wondrous thing
When the darkness spreads within
Light ubiquitously cancelled out
Thoughts distorted twisted
Anger supreme raging torrent
Backlash straining for release
Ultimately squashed contained
Nothing is as it seems
No one sees your pain straining for release
All the anguish turmoil bottled up inside
When all you want
Is to twist and yank out the cork
Let the horror explode escape
Gain peace of mind
And again create
The darkness is almost complete

© 2015 Lesley Saine

Ubiquitous = omnipresent, everywhere.
Backlash = strong or violent reaction
Insiduous = gradual and cumulative effect


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