Freedom? What freedom?!

Freedom? What freedom?!

Freedom it seems
When hijacked by a minority
Soon becomes the opposite
A place where you need to
Watch what you say
If you dare to say it at all
For fear of your view
Being quashed
For now you have become
The minority
And no one wants to hear
What you have to say
Now you will be persecuted
For wanting a voice
To put your view
That you disagree
With laws made
Without your consent
Or approval
Yet you are told
You have to obey
What freedom?!
© 2015, Lesley Saine

So many things we are told we have to accept in this society even though we may disagree with them.  Freedom for one can become lack of freedom for another.

So much talk of freedom
Of human rights
Discrimination acts
Never as free as you think
Whilst the poorest work
Long hours for little pay
And the richest do the least
For high wages and bonuses


Moth – acrylic painting – Lesley Saine

Moth - acrylic painting - Lesley Saine

Moth – acrylic painting – Lesley Saine

I did this a few years ago on an Acrylic course, using images from different magazines as reference.  I think they were both moths.  I wasn’t taught how to paint this… I just played with the colours and experimented as I created it… so it may not be accurate to life.  The thing I remember most about the course was hearing someone say that after taking their BA or MA in Art they didn’t paint for 13 years… which is why they had come on that acrylic course to paint again.  At the time I couldn’t understand why anyone would not paint for that long.  Now I can.