Don’t you ever wonder?: (when hybrids become the ‘norm’ I’ll be a Gryphon)

Don’t you ever wonder?:

Don’t you ever wonder?
The rich make the rules
People in authority abuse
Lower the age of consent
Make same sex legal
Cover their tracks

Don’t you ever wonder?
Where is this all going?
As time goes on, will it get more bizarre
First men and men, women and women
Then men become women, women become men
What next?

Don’t you ever wonder?
What is next? Other species?
Add some animal/bird modification?
As unlikely as it may sound
Don’t be so sure, in this world where
It is the ‘norm’ to chop of your penis or breasts

Don’t you ever wonder?
What would it be like to be a ‘hybrid’?
Half-human, half-animal – human/animal hybrid?
‘baa…’/’bah’ humbug, what rubbish you speak
Ooops, didn’t you know? They already exist
Not just in my imaginary ThornRose novels

Don’t you ever wonder?
Excesses of medical research
Scientists ‘dabbling in the grotesque’
Missed that little gem of news (2011 Daily Mail)
Embryos produced secretively in UK labs (for the past 3 years)
But don’t worry, other countries do it too (with little or no regulation): “phew!”

Don’t you ever wonder?
‘gay’ used to have such a nice meaning
Use ‘gay’ in the older meaning and
Be discriminated against
Told not to use it in that way
Red line gashing through the word

Don’t you ever wonder?
Where is this world heading?
When men marry men, women marry women
Men change sex, women change sex
Yet, no wait, it can’t be true
Our governments condone this?

Don’t you ever wonder?
The world is doomed
Educators not only fail us academically
They are also failing us morally
actively encouraging bizarre behaviour
If you’re ‘normal’ you’ll get left behind

Don’t you ever wonder?
If the whole planet went ‘gay’
Would humans die out?
Can two men get pregnant naturally? No.
Can two women get pregnant without a man? No.
Divide the sexes, add science to the mix and voila!

Don’t you ever wonder?
Who is in the minority now: LGBT or Normal?
Am I the only one on this planet
Who thinks: “Whoa, slow down…”
(Let’s Get Back To) Normal… whatever that is?
“You can’t say that!”… I think “I just did!”

Don’t you ever wonder?
Discrimination gone mad, Watch what you say
Human rights, I seem to have lost mine
Freedom of speech? Depends who is speaking
Keep your opinions to yourself… you can’t have any
We have decided for you… this is the way it must be

Don’t you ever wonder?
What a relief it would be to leave this world behind
Such a crazy, mixed up, full of insanity world
Except what if… what if scientists decide
That parts of your body might look better on someone else?
Wouldn’t that be strange… to see yourself, after you’ve died?

© 2015, Lesley Saine

When ‘hybrids’ become the ‘norm’ I’ll be a Gryphon:

Gryphon illustration by Tenniel

Gryphon illustration by Tenniel

For interest:

150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years (2011 Daily Mail article online):